About this site


Business in the Community is working with companies to help them think about, test and deliver new models for sustainable business and this website provides information to support companies as they develop their sustainability approach.

It is split into three main sections that support different stages in a company’s sustainability journey:

  • THINK: Identify the new products, services and business models that will help your company adapt to a world that must support 9 billion sustainable lifestyles by 2050.

  • TEST: The next step is to test new products, services or business models at a scale that is large enough to learn from without being so large that the cost of failure would damage the business.

  • DELIVER: How can leaders drive scale and transition from incremental improvement to a truly sustainable business? This section provides principles and steps for mobilising the business.

The toolkit also provides a list of further resources that will help companies explore these issues. We will expand the site with further material and resources over the coming months.

We hope you find this a valuable resource and welcome your feedback.

Fortune Favours the Brave, launched alongside this toolkit, details the opportunity for UK businesses to unlock around £100 billion a year in value from new innovation opportunities that address social and environmental challenges.

Business in the Community is enormously grateful to Marks & Spencer (our Responsible Business of the Year for 2012) and Accenture for their support and work in developing this practical resource to help companies unlock opportunities and build a sustainable future.

We would particularly like to thank Richard Gillies, Director Plan A, Marks & Spencer; Carmel McQuaid, Sustainability Manager, Marks & Spencer; Justin Keeble, Managing Director, Accenture Sustainability Services, Europe, Africa and Latin America; Harry Morrison, Director, Accenture Sustainability Services; Zomo Fisher, Senior Consultant, Accenture Sustainability Services.




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