Big Boardroom Agenda

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To start doing things differently, business leaders need to start having different conversations.

Working with our members, Business in the Community has developed four key areas for discussion in the boardroom and in other parts of the business, to help you get to the heart of how truly resilient your business model is and shape your approach to innovation and business development.

The Agenda

  • Global mega-trends

How have you considered the opportunities and risks global mega-trends pose to your business model in the short and long term?

  • Unique contribution

What is the unique contribution your company can make to support high quality, sustainable lives for 2050’s global population of 9 billion?

  • Legacy

What is your long-term ambition for the legacy of your brand, business or even personal leadership?

  • Balance

How do you create the right balance in decison-making and planning? This includes between: short-term priorities of your stakeholders and your need to address longer term trends; competition and collaboration; science /technology and natural systems

  • Ask of customers

What is the specific ask you can make of your customers which will ensure your products or services are as sustainable as they can be?

Using the Boardroom Agenda in your own business

They can be used in a variety of contexts, including large conferences, departmental training days, smaller group meetings and one-to-one sessions. The Big Boardroom Agenda questions may be useful for:

  • board members to incorporate in their regular board meetings and/or use as the framework for sessions dedicated to long-term thinking and planning

  • CR/sustainability committees to challenge and stretch their current plans and help develop new strategies

  • functional heads to use as a stimulus to provoke innovation

  • cross-functional teams to use to inspire collaboration across perceived silos and boundaries

  • graduates and young recruits to develop their understanding of your sector and business, while eliciting fresh thinking and ideas

  • dialogue and innovative engagement across supply chains and value chains.

Find out more

This toolkit provides key information and resources to help companies explore the first two questions in detail. As Business in the Community’s programme around the Big Boardroom Agenda develops, more tools and resources will be published.

Members of Business in the Community can read the Marketing Society's response to this agenda.

For more about the Big Boardroom Agenda or any other aspect of this site, contact us.

The Big Boardroom Agenda stimulated new thinking for our Executive Committee, and made an important contribution to our 2020 sustainability roadmap. The 9 billion challenge presentation together with the questions helped us to commit to exploring longer term opportunities and potentially new business models.

- Mike Wright,
Executive Director, Jaguar Land Rover

Too often, we don’t find enough time to stop, think and discuss some of the most significant, long term challenges we face and what it means for our organisations. The 9 billion challenge and Big Boardroom Agenda gave our Corporate Responsibility Panel that opportunity to consider these challenges and to think differently about the range of response we could deploy to make our own unique contribution.

- Chris Matthews,
Head of Sustainability, United Utilities